Executive Summary

Brief career history

I was born in Barcelona, Spain, where I live today. I resided a year in Bilbao, three years in San Juan, Puerto Rico (U.S.), and nine years in Caracas (Venezuela). I am married and I have a son.

Currently and for the past fifteen years I am Assistant Professor at idEC, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, and a regular Visiting Professor at several universities and business schools. I contribute to businesses, governmental institutions, and other organizations and institutions as well.

Previously, I worked for years on top management positions in national and international companies both in and out of Spain. It was precisely at this time when I verified that my studies in business administration and management were not sufficient basis for achieving excellent results in my task. I realized then that the knowledge gained as a student was necessary, but I had not been taught how to incorporate and practice any of the skills I most needed now.

Early on in the workforce, I perceived the necessity to learn to identify and enhance different personal resources, both to behave individually and to interact with subordinates, colleagues, bosses, customers, and suppliers. The ability to remain calm under pressure while maintaining a sense of motivation and purpose, without losing the ability to adapt to a constantly changing environment using imagination and an adventurous spirit were some of the skills that the situation now called for. This circumstance led me to become interested in positive psychology at a time when nobody spoke of it, and delve into what we now call Management Skills based on Emotional Intelligence. And so I entered the world of self-knowledge, self-control, self-motivation and empathy … and landed in the learning process of decision making, the formulation of plans, time management, leadership and team management, negotiation … and stress management…


To my satisfaction I soon realized these new interests not only helped me increase my motivation and improve my results as a professional, but also the approach to learning and the cultivation of personal and management skills made a favorable impact in my private life, which entered into a stunning new dimension of achievement and satisfaction to the extent to which I identified and applied universal principles of relationship to myself and with others.

In due course, these cathartic facts led me to an interest in pedagogy … as a result of which today I am a full time Professional Trainer, ‘facilitating’ for others the acquisition of Personal and Management Skills.

In addition to this passionate job, I spend time with my family, my friends, do some cycling and swimming, and a bit of gardening … and occasionally try to do something new and unusual -or not-, to help me understand a little more the unfathomable mystery of life and the universe…

As a Trainer/Author, I have appeared several times in various media.